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How to configure OCAP-RI

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I want to use OCAP RI as a more-functional DMS (supports trick play),if it can be configured successfully,I can tune to one of these channels, make a recording, and then see that recording listed in our own media player.

But I don't know how to do,please help me if you know,thank you so much!

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DvrExerciser is a tool we use while developing DVR and Home Networking functionality. Running it and examining the source may answer your questions. The source is available at:


To set up the configuration files, including installing a new file, execute these commands:

% ./ –setup -autodvr

User options for DvrExerciser are listed on a menu. Pressing a key on the simulator’s remote control selects an option. If you are new to the program (and to verify it is installed correctly), please try these commands:

PRESS Channel up: Tunes to next channel (file). There are five files in the standard configuration.
PRESS Channel down: Tunes to the previous channel.

If you want to change the files or the channel map, see the readme file from the TuneTest application, found at:


To make a recording and try trick modes:
From the tool’s main menu
PRESS 2 (Start 30 sec record)
PRESS 4 (Playback current recording)
Then press any of the DVR keys, such as rewind, pause, play and fast forward. Displayed under picture is the current Time Shift Buffer state.

Joined: 2010-08-04


I can use the DvrExerciser now,but I don't find the readme file from the TuneTest application.My OCAP RI version is tags-RI_I1_1_4_REL_B-9797.

Now PRESS Channel up and down can playback default media in standard configuration,but I want to playback my media,how to do?

please help me,again!

Thank you~