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High Level Logic (Project: HLL)

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Note: This project is on schedule to provide source code, documentation, and supportive website by the end of this month; i.e. August 31, 2010. To express interest, contact

High Level Logic (HLL) is a framework for intelligent applications that is easy to understand and use, even by less experienced programmers. Applications consist of integrated chains of decisions and operations (see project webpage). Development of cooperating systems, each of which is built on HLL, is as easy as building a single integrated system. Application programmers build protocols that link to specialized application components. HLL “message passing” is taken to the extreme, as with independent interacting agents, while providing the backbone for complete applications around which specialized application components are applied and interact. Individual actors (intelligent agents) within the framework have specialized roles and responsibilities (and authorities) that are designed to complement one another. The HLL components form a complete working organization that controls, manages, and executes the “chains of decisions and operations” of the application.