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Glassfish Eclipse Helios plugin doesn't republish

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Joined: 2010-08-03

I have the latest Eclipse (Helios 3.6). I installed the latest Glassfish Plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace (which states it is for Helios). Everything works well, except for re-publishing. If I change a .java file or a .xhtml file, nothing gets republished. I would need to restart the server for any changes to take effect.

I've been using Eclipse 3.5 with the Glassfish plugin (version 1.51 I think) for several months without a problem.

Any ideas?

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Joined: 2010-08-03

I found the answer, here is the link which answers the question:

I'll summarize so you don't really need to follow that link:
In the [b]"Servers" tab[/b], double-click on the "[b]Glassfish Server Open Source Edition 3[/b]..." entry. On the right-hand side expand the "[b]Publishing[/b]" section. Select "[u][b]Automatically publish when resources change[/b][/u]" then set the interval to 0 seconds.

It should republish whenever you change a file. The only minor problem I've detected is with .xhtml files. In Eclipse 3.5, any change to a .xhtml file would be instantly republished (or at least it seemed that way), but now with Eclipse 3.6 any change to a .xhtml file will take the same time to republish as a .java file (which is approximately 10-15 seconds). Any thoughts?

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I'll look at the xhtml issue...
Best is to file a bug on project to track issues.