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Your Feedback is Needed - Java.Net.NEXT and multiple accounts

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Do you have more than one account at Java.Net? If so, please read on.

As announced by Ted Farrell back in February, will use the
Kenai infrastructure. For the most part we are trying to make the
transition as painless as possible but there will be some changes here
and there. Sometimes new features will be added; sometimes some may be
dropped. One specific point is about usernames and email addresses.

Currently, Java.Net allows for multiple usernames with the same email
address (login is done only via the username), but Kenai does not (you
can login with username or email). We are considering using the Kenai
approach for the new implementation of Java.Net and want your feedback
on how that would affect you.

I asked Kevin if he could run a poll on this, and he kindly did. If you
are interested, please go vote at [2]

Copying the questions here:

* I only have one account at Java.Net
* I have multiple accounts at Java.Net and each has a different email
* I have multiple accounts at Java.Net with the same email address but
I can change that
* I absolutely need to have multiple accounts at Java.Net with the
same email address
* I don't have a account
* I don't know
* Other

- eduard/o



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