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How can I get selected text in JDIC web browser?

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Joined: 2010-07-30

I wanna get selected text in browser, but there is no way leads to it.
I know webrender can do it.
webrenderer is not a free project.
could somebody tell me how to get selected text in browser.
and make a suggestion for good free pure java browser.

I reviewed jdic, jbrowser and webrenderer.
jbrowser is a unmatured one with too more limited functions and ugly web page view.
webrenderer is a wonderful one as a pure java browser component with money should be paid.
jdic is a promising one.
I hope somebody could make a revision on jdic, and add some native code to provide more interfaces to get selected text, to control the scroll, to find target text, to change the character size and so on.
I am not good at java native code and busy. thank you for anyone who could make these improvement.