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WatchService events not working with nfs and smbfs cifs remote file sytems

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We are using WatchService API of JDK 7.

WatchService class and events are working fine in local file system, but when we try to watch to an "nfs or cifs" mounted file system then we are not being notified about the events produced on this remote folder.

In detail:

- We have a windows machine with a shared folder named "X"
- And we have an Ubuntu machine with a "cifs" mounted folder that points to "X"

Then we install our WatchService in the Ubuntu machine and watch for events on this X folder.

When a user creates a file in the local Ubuntu machine it works, but when a Windows user creates a file in X folder, then our WatchService from the Ubuntu machine does not catch these events.

This support to nfs or cifs will be supported in the future? We need to config something special to make it work? someone have experience with WatchService and nfs or cifs?



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In the"Platform dependencies" section of the WatchService javadoc then it makes it clear that there is no guarantee that it can detect changes to files on remote file systems.