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RI support for PAt/PMT dynamic PID change

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I would like to know if RI fully support dynamic PID changes for currently selected services (both broadcast and DVR).
If it is supported, are there any specific mpeenv settings we need to apply (eg. SI settings).

Also I would like to know if/where we can get Transport Streams that would include these PID changes for testing purposes.


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Joined: 2008-12-18

Hey Amir,

The RI does support PID changes in the broadcast stream as it's configured in the RI repository (with SITP.PSI.PROCESS.TABLE.REVISIONS=TRUE). This setting enables PID change detection for (1) JavaTV and org.ocap.SI packages, (2) broadcast decode operations, (3) mounted object carousels, and (4) time-shift/permanent recording.

How PID changes are handled in DVR (for recording) is a bit complicated - since it involves optional platform behavior. There are some diagrams illustrating the model at . The RI platform doesn't currently support the on-the-fly PID change model. So while this is the preferred model for PID changes in DVR, it requires some testing.

There are a number of CTP tests that perform audio language PID changes (via PMT revisions) and removal of programs (via PAT revisions). These test streams are not generally available. Perhaps someone else in the forum can provide a pointer to some tests streams with PAT/PMT changes.

Joined: 2009-05-06

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the quick answer. I am not sure if our platform support on-the-fly PID change either. So in that case it will just be the default behavior of stopping the current decode session and starting a new one.