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App Dev for desktop, mobile and web-app

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Am looking to build an application satisfying the following requirements.

1)Device with embedded OS( I have identified linux as the OS)
2)As a standalone desktop app
3)As a centrally deployed web app

The UI in all the above should be the same.(look n feel, buttons, functionality, etc)

My requirement here is that I should design this app in such a way that it helps me maximise code reuse, minimise repetition of coding effort.

I am not well versed with flash programming and have javafx in mind to develop the UI.
I think this will enable me to reuse as much UI as possible, since javafx has embedded support and can also be used in a html script.
I plan to use spring in the webapp for dependency injection.

Is it possible that I build a javafx app, and use the same codebase and have two difft builds?(one for desktop app, one for embedded OS) ?
Any better alternatives?

Your thoughts please


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