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Can't install "jMaki Core Ajax support" on NetBeans IDE 6.9

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Joined: 2010-07-23

The plugin Editor Library is requested in version >= 1.3 (release version 1) but only (of release version different from 1) was found.

The following plugin is affected:       
jMaki Core Ajax support

I can't seem to find this plugin anywhere - can somebody here either point me to the plugin, or point me to a version of jMaki that doesn't require it? Thanks, and I'm sorry if this topic has been addressed ad naseum already; I couldn't find anything in a couple of quick searches on the forum.



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Joined: 2010-07-23

Check out

Installing these hand-built plugins seems to be working for me.

Joined: 2010-07-26

I got the same error too! I will get back if I figure something out. Anyone got an idea?