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running hdcookbook blu ray sample project disc image

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I have a tool cyberlink bd advisor installed to scan whether my pc is capable of playing BD discs or not. While scan it says "ok" for the minimum requirements such as graphics card(NVIDIA) and graphics card driver.

I have the cookbook blu ray disc image in the DVD that came along with the book.

When i drag the BDMV folder in total media theatre, it simply says cannot play disc. No other error or message is displayed anywhere.

My questions to you are:

1. What are the minimum requirements to play the sample project blu ray disc image? Is it something related to full HD(1080P) monitor? is it required?

2. For BDJ applications that doesnt involve videos and audios, do i still require graphics cards and HD monitors?

3. Do we require any specific hardware and drivers for audio also?

Please help.


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Most PC-based Blu-ray Disc players no longer play media from a hard drive folder, but only from optical media. I don't know whether that's the case with your version of TMT, or whether it could be faked out by using Daemon Tools or similar to create a virtual optical drive.

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I've been able to get TMT to run a BD-J application by just dragging it into the player. Albeit it was just a quick and simple xlet. The minimum requirements should be on the website, the graphics card has to support video overlay if I recall correctly. This could simply be added by a driver update. Some older onboard graphics (Intel g35?) don't have support.

I was using the latest version of TMT.

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Well, the blu-ray disc image on the DVD in the book is really, really ancient. At the time we created that image, consumer Blu-ray players didn't exist, I don't think there were any disc verifiers, or if there were they were in beta and primitive, and we had exactly one PC player to test on. I know of one major bug in that disc image in the way the jars are signed, and I bet there are a ton of other bugs too!

If you want to run the examples in the book, I'm afraid you have to build it from source. There's still a build target, and it did get regularly built in regression testing, so it should work. I admit it's been a couple of years since I've actually run it, though!

I'm not really sure what the various PC players require in the way of PC hardware. In 2007 it required a pretty high-end PC, but I bet many modest new-ish PCs are fine nowadays. You should be OK without a 1080P monitor; the PC players scale video down.