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Applet and Drag and Drop

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I have an applet that has been deployed and working fine for the last 5 years as the user interface for an embedded system. I am receiving reports that part of our interface that uses Drag and Drop has stopped working an is generating security exceptions. Specifically: access denied (java.awt.AWTPermission accessClipboard)

I'm looking for a way to work around this since I care nothing about the clipboard. It's a simple case of the user dragging from one part of the applet and dropping on another part of the same applet. None of the data exchanged should involve the clipboard. It is instance and time specific and is absolutely useless outside the applet.

Is there anyway to tell the DnD framework to leave the clipboard out of this?

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I believe it's a bug in 6u19/20 but fixed in 6u21 - check the releases notes.

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You are right. It was a bug in 6u18. This bug had to be fixed in 6u21.
Since 6u18 you need to gain [accessClipboard] permission for data requesting before drop.
The bug was in involving permission checking on drop.