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Can I have a 'public' RDV behind a firewall using port forwarding?

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I'm trying to plan an architecture potentially using JXTA. I don't have access to a publically addressable server, but I can run a server behind a router with a static public IP and setup port forwarding. Will this suffice as a publically addressable RDV and relay? I would potentially have clients both in the same LAN as the RDV and outside the LAN that sit behind NATs over which I have no control. Advice appreciated.

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Yet, this should work. The NAT/Router should NOT translante your IP address and your RDV should be configured to listen to the proper port. Then, a proper seed file must be created (and distributed) with the IP address and port.

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You can have behind NAT if you configure your public IP address.

You can not have a port range with this config, be aware.

configurator.setTcpPublicAddress(publicAddress, false);
configurator.setHttpPublicAddress(publicAddress, false);