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HMD Viewing/View Controls

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Hey Everyone,

I am new to Java 3D but not Java so I have begun to develop an HMD View Controlled Experiment for my professor, with a Stylus as the User's Hand.

My Question is this:
What is the general recipe for Dual-Screen Viewing (for the HMD) and the general recipe for Java3D to use the HMD to control the View.

If you need some code from the project I can link it in later.

So far:

I have set up 2 Canvas3D objects with View.LEFT_EYE_VIEW, and View.RIGHT_EYE_VIEW, attached the the scene's Locale attached to the VirtualUniverse. Than I use both Canvas3D objects to create 1 View, with a PhysicalBody specifying the eye placement and a PhysicalEnvironment with the InputDevice and both Sensors(HMD and Stylus) added. I also made sure the HeadIndex was set correctly. The ViewPlatform is the default with almost Infinite Avtivation Radius.

Both the PhysicalEnvironment and View say Tracking is Enabled by polling boolean View.getTrackingEnabled() and boolean PhysicalEnvironment.getTrackingEnabled()

But whenever I use this, the View does NOT change. Shouldn't Java3D poll the HMD Sensor and Update the View Correctly?

I have to be missing something, but what??

Thanks in Advanced.
-- Rob
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Computer Science Department
Virtual Reality Project