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alternatives to having /faces in the request URL

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I'm asked to look into alternatives to having /faces (or whatever string used for in web.xml) in the request url that eventually invokes the FacesServlet, so if the request url is for example:

they want it to be:
and still have FacesServlet handle the request.

So, I added a Filter implementation to intercept the request and then add/append the required url-pattern to the request. BUT, they don't like that solution either.

Question is:
As FacesServlet is a uhh Servlet, how else can one achieve this requirement?

Thx for any feedback.

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Joined: 2009-05-02

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts. I have looked at the PrettyFaces solution and so far it seems that it addresses our needs...and then some.

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i simple map the FacesServlet to *.html

so everything requested with *.html gets handled

this may work out for you

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Lincoln Baxter, III

Mapping everything to .html will work (you need to map Faces Servlet to
"*.html" in web.xml in order to achieve this), but if you want control of
the URL (in addition to changing how files are accessed,) you might want
take a look at PrettyFaces - a URL-rewriting solution for JSF.

Let me know if you have any questions.


On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 1:29 PM, wrote:

> i simple map the FacesServlet to *.html
> so everything requested with *.html gets interpreted as jsf2
> this may work out for you
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