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PhoneME Feature or PhoneME advanced.. Which one to choose ?

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Hinkmond Wong wrote:
> Hi HInkmond,
> While I was browsing on this forum, I was building Phoneme Feature MR4 for my device. I have succesfully built PCSL,CLDC and MIDP. Also I have Built Qt/embedded 2.3.10 as i told you before. But when I run a midlet in my device i face two problems:
> 1. The midlet takes time to show some output on screen.
> 2. I think the midlet writes directly on the frame buffer. So on giving a touchscreen input the content on the screen is spoilled and background image comes on foreground along with a part of running midlet.
> So please can you tell is this problem pertaining to phoneme Feature and can this be solved. Please also suggest me whether shall i continue with Phoneme Feature MR4 or shall i shift to Phoneme Advanced MR2.

Hi Aditya,

For questions about running a MIDlet wtih phoneME Feature MR4, you
should post to the forum. (I've cc'd this
message to that alias).

I'm not sure why your MIDlet takes a long time to show on your screen or
why your MIDlet's background and foreground images become corrupted.

Can you send a snippet of the Java source code involved with the problem
you are seeing and some screenshots of what it looks like when there is
an error?


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