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What is the usage of "hard links" brought to nio2 in jdk7 ?

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I read the Java tutorials, section about nio2.
I'm just interested to know what these kind of files can do? or even what is the subject of their use?
Because upon Tutorials, they are identical to their target, i also created one for instance in my Windows OS, and it just has the same size of the target...

the following are from tutorials:
* The target of the link must exist.
* Hard links are generally not allowed on directories.
* Hard links are not allowed to cross partitions or volumes. Therefore, they cannot exist across file systems.
* A hard link looks, and behaves, like a regular file, so they can be hard to find.
* A hard link is, for all intents and purposes, the same entity as the original file. They have the same file permissions, time stamps, and so on. All attributes are identical.

Specially two latter notes made me to ask myself (and you of course) what is the "Hard Link" usage ???

Any explanation will much be appreciated.

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