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DiscoveryClient DiscoveryServer tutorial

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Joined: 2010-06-30


I am new to JXTA and I am working my way through the tutorials. I am stuck on the Discovery Services section though as when I run the DiscoveryClient it never seems to find the advertisement from the DiscoveryServer.

The message I am getting from the client is (if I start the client first):
[java] 30-Jun-2010 8:45:01 PM net.jxta.impl.resolver.ResolverServiceImpl sendMessage
[java] WARNING: Failed to add route for urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E50472050325033D988F96FF0
[java] 30-Jun-2010 8:45:04 PM net.jxta.impl.resolver.ResolverServiceImpl$FailureListener message
[java] WARNING: Clearing SRDI tables for failed peer : urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E504720503

It seems like the peer is not connected so I suspected it is because I am running both from their default location on the same machine but it seemed like other people have done this and succeeded (at least running on the same machine. did they have 2 installs?). Running shells, I seem to be able to find the DiscoveryServer as a peer so I think it is connected properly.

I also wondered if it had something to do with the version as I am using the 20080910 versions of the build.

Any thoughts?

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Joined: 2010-06-30

An update and another question:

After a couple of hours looking into it, it turns out I had forgotten to turn off the Windows firewall... live and learn I suppose.

But I have another question: Does anyone do testing using Virtual PC? I am now trying this (and made sure firewall is off on both sides) but searching for peers on the virtual PC or the normal PC only returns itself.