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Network help needed

Posted by ractoc on June 20, 2010 at 12:07 PM PDT

I'm working on a plugable framework with distributed capabilities.

While all the basics are in there already, I could use some help with the network layer. I'm experiencing serious performance issues there which I can't seem to track down.

Features currently implemented:
- Pluggable framework
- Distributed architecture
- Central plugin registry.

Planned after I get rid of the performance issues:
- Dynamic load balancing
- Registry clustering

At that point, it should be more then usable.


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Re: Network help needed

Keep up the great work

Re: Network help needed

It is not clear from your comment which type of help is required

Re: Network help needed


Currently the project is at a point where I would like to incorporate two phase commit. And the plugin registry probably also needs a complete overhaul. The theory is in there, but it doesn't lend itself to become a clustered registry.

After these two are done, the dynamic load balancing needs to be put it.

Aside from all that, I could really use someone to thoroughly test the whole system. I'm using it in another project of mine, where I test it to some extend. But not the whole distributed part, nor the registry.

Re: Network help needed

Crap connection... Sorry for the double post.

Re: Network help needed

It doesn't sound like you are needing any help, but only someone to use/test your product?... That is what I assume -- You want a beta tester? You do not mention any requirements and you also hide your project from standard users.

I wouldn't mind helping I'm good at tinkering with stuff.

By "Plugin-able" frame work... Distributing architecture... With a Centeral network node. Sounds like you are making a cloud and want some backend users who will be on the recieving end.

I have no experience what-so-ever. Just post all the required requirements. My computer is not top of the line, and I'm on a Unix.

Re: Network help needed

Ok, the javadoc is updated and available through the maven repo.

Re: Network help needed

Well, there are some areas that could either use a look-over by someone other then me, or that I simply don't have the knowledge for.

But for now I'd settle for someone to do some testing. Especially the distributed part could do with some thorough testing.

OS shouldn't really matter and since it's all in J2SE, you wouldn't need a top of the line system either. To start I would suggest downloading the latest jars from my maven repo: This is where you will always find the latest changes, the release on sourceforge isn't updated nearly as often. I'll be adding javadoc this weekend, which will then also be availlable through the maven repo.

As for the requirements you need to test, any system able to run multiple J2SE JVMs simutaniously should get the job done. With PFfJ being availlable through maven now, the IDE shouldn't really matter, although the SVN is based on netbeans.

You would have to come up with a test case yourself though. I've personally got a seperate project ( where I use PFfJ in a single JVM. So this area is being covered. But I could really use someone to get more involved in the distributed part of PFfJ, that part is barely tested atm.

Re: Network help needed

Hi, Ractok

I suppose you are not really looking for any "real" help?
*Your Domain is not finished or active.
*Your Google code is a java app that is redundant to your description.

{The application does not even attempt to locate servers, but something else... I not sure of invalid states.}

I would send you a resume but I don't know how to make 1.

Good Luck with your java app?

Re: Network help needed

Hi ractoc,

Do you need some help yet?? I can help, plz send me an email.

Re: Network help needed


i have read about your project in

I would like to help you with your project.

Fur further information you can write me an e-mail at

Re: Network help needed

I sent you a mail.