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An EDGE peer becomes "automatically" RENDEZVOUS if there isn't no RDZ?

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Hello guys.

I have configured my network with 10 EDGE peers. I use the NetworkManager to configure each peer node with this initial attribute:

In my network there isn't an RENDEVOUZ (RDZ) peer.

So, some questions
1) After few times, someone of these peers become "automatically" a RDZ peer?
1a) If no EDGE become RDZ, how I force a "runtime" this change of role?
I'm not going to use a statical configuration in which I configure the RDZ peer at the startup (otherwise I will use a Client-Server framework :)).


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I resolve in this way:

rService = netPGroup.getRendezVousService();
dService = netPGroup.getDiscoveryService();
long autoStart = (long) (Math.random() * 60000 * 5);
System.out.println("AutoStart value is " + autoStart);
rService.setAutoStart(true, autoStart);

So,the time autoStart is the time that my peer attends before to became a RDZ peer.