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[webtier] Howto include a jsp page who contains tags (and make these tags working)

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Hi everyone,

I have to include a jsp page who contains tags inside another one. But when
the page that is included contains tags they aren't interpreted, they are
rendered "as it" in my browser.
In fact, I am using Spring MVC and our users can extend some forms with a
wysiwyg editor. The form is "compiled" in a bean and two jsp (form and
view). The two jsp contains tags like Spring MVC binding tag but also other
JSTL tags. The generated pages are included trough a custom tag who do
a "pageContext.include(pathToGeneratedJsp, true);" but the inclusion
is rendered "as it", without tag evaluation. But the jsp expressions
"${extendedBean.aProperty}" are correctly intrepreted.

How can I include a jsp page in another and make it working fine ?


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If you can come up with a simple test that illustrates your problem, it would help others to do debugging for you. I suspect that you may have omitted a taglib directive in the included page, but I cannot be sure.