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Glassfish appication server + application client on ipad

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Hello All!

I'm not sure my topic is proper here.

I have written an enterprise application on glassfish v2 application server with java application client. This application client is running on PCs with windows/linux OS. On server side I'm using EJBs. The task is to adopt additionally the client on ipads without/with minimal backend changes. And there are some options for that purpose. Which of there options is best choice? Or are there any other options?

- to integrate Sun Glassfish Mobility Platform with Glassfish Enterprise v2 server on server side and to use Java ME on client side.
- just to create an web module.
- to develop client application using Objective-O/Cocoa and to provide its interaction with glassfish server. In this case it's impossible to use EJBs. I found out this integration is able with SOAP, but how it's works I don't know.

Any opinion will be very helpful!