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New GRIN Playlist Player Function: Playlist Marks

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Joined: 2004-02-13

Hi everyone,

I just added a new feature to the GRIN playlist feature that I thought it would be worth drawing attention to. I added support for playlist marks, both navigating to them and triggering commands when they're encountered.

One thing that's maybe a little different is that I didn't use BD-J playlist marks at all. GRIN is pretty heavily based on polling things once per animation frame, so I just poll the media time. At worst, if the new media time has changed to a random value, that results in a binary search, and O(log n) is more than fast enough here. Because it polls media time, commands get triggered even if you enter into a video segment due to chapter skip, fast forward or rewind.

Another interesting thing about this design is that is uses java_command a lot. If there are really a huge number of playlist marks, I guess this could stress the java_command system, but as long as no limits are reached this turns into really efficient code -- no new classes!

Details are at under "PLAYLIST MARKS" if folks are interested.