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Clarification of expected CA APDUs from POD

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The 1.1.4 release added new CA session connect and close calls to the mpeos_pod APIs. Specifically, mpeos_pod_CASConnect and mpeos_pod_CASClose. I want to know what APDUs received from the card are expected to be returned via the MPE_POD_EVENT_RECV_APDU event. I suspect that the ca_update APDU is what is expected and that the others can be ignored. Please clarify.


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Joined: 2008-12-18

The CA session code is currently issuing a CA_PMT with ca_pmt_cmd_id of 1 (which doesn't rely on reception of a ca_pmt_reply). But this may be changed to use a ca_pmt_cmd_id of 2 - which will require a ca_pmt_reply.

So at a minimum, a platform should forward ca_pmt_reply and ca_update messages.