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How to check whether a default browser is opened in the operating system?

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I am newbie here. During my work, I faced an interesting problem. I need to:
- check whether a default html browser is opened;
- check whether the browser is minimized/maximized (simply, a window's state);
- get an url address typed in the browser.
If any of these conditions is not met, I have to open the browser in a maximized view with a desired url address. I primarily wanted to do all this in Java, but it came to my mind that I should employ many techniques/technologies and combine them appropriately to complete the functionality. But, which ones? That's the problem. I just recalled Windows API, but I'm not sure if it is of any help... I know how to open a default browser (e.g. with use of the 'browse(URI uri)' method of the 'java.awt.Desktop' class). Please give me some hints, maybe links to reasonable discussions, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions how to approach the problem.