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HD Cookbook javadoc error

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Joined: 2010-05-30

Hello again,

I have been looking for hours for answer to this.... again I think it's simple and again i'm not familiar with shell script so I may be overlooking something.

I'm using cygwin to run the from here:

I have all of the necessary libraries / zips in the originals folder. I followed all the instructions correctly up to the point where I run the script.

When I run the script I'm getting:

Constructing Javadoc information..." Fatal Error: Unable to find package java.lang in classpath or bootclasspath

...error strings....

javadoc: error - fatal error

This is preventing the to get created :'(

My next step is to just do it myself but this also builds the java docs I believe so I wanted to well use it. I am so new to this and I really rather not start messing with a process that so many say is working... this is just not working for me.

Do I have to install something special to run the shell script?

Do I need to setup a classpath before I run it?

Thanks in advance for you help!

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Joined: 2010-05-30

Also, I'm not familiar with command line I always have used and IDE.... so excuse me for not understanding if I have to set something up special to use any of this via command line.

Also, is there anyway I can just set this up via Eclipse - the javadocs portion I mean?

And the I basically just have to unzip everything and then re-zip and name it and update this in my vars.properites anytime I use it yes?

Thanks again!

Joined: 2010-05-30

Well again not familiar with command line so I had to set the bootclasspath and this helped me run the shell script.