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Trouble getting the HDCookBook disc image to work - Pls help

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I'm a Java programmer who's been out of the game and has recently returned to join the BD J craze =D

Ok, so I really think my problem is - I'm sure this is super, super simple!

I saw

And attempted to follow the instructions.

I downloaded the latest build and the disc image from

I'm on Win 7 and just downloaded the Cygwin so I could run the shell script. I have the JDK and Java2ME all good to go. I have setup my Path etc. all good.

Ok, so here's where I had to get creative....

I couldn't get the jar xvf ... command she shows in the video to work for me. So, I simply unzipped the build - is this ok?

I then attempted to do the next step, which was the to run the install-disc-image.hs

This gives me:
....some text print out ...
cygwin warning: MS-DOS style path detected: C:/

Preferred POSIX equivalent is: /cydrive/c/2008 ..etc.
... nodosfilewarning....
Consult user guid for more details about POSIX paths:
http:/cygwion... - the website

Disc image not found c:/

echo image can be downloaded from ...etc

exit 1

And that's the end of that, unfortunately.

Here's how I have my directory / files setup:

Containing folder: C:/User/Daisy/Documents/cook/
The unzipped build: C:/User/Daisy/Documents/cook/hdcookbook-bin-bundle
The zipped disc image: C:/User/Daisy/Documents/cook/

From the error when trying to execute the shell, it seems it's looking for the disc image in the root of the C drive?

I'm not familiar much with shell script so I didn't want to mess with it LOL. As it looked so simple for her on the video I thought I would be up and running in no time... :(

I know or think this is just a simple fix and due to my lack of working with shell scripts I think I just have to point the shell somewhere else or edit it somehow....

Well any help you can provide would be sooooo awesome!!

I have literally only slept 4 hours in the last 2 days trying to get a working sample of BD J burned to disc.

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Joined: 2010-05-30

Ok, so yes the lack of sleep got to me. So if there's anyone out there who had a moment then here's the answer to my question.

The shell script specifically states to edit the "nojar_image" to the directory you downloaded the disc image too.

Gosh!!! So simple!!! grrrrr!

Well glad it's up and running and hope this helps someone out there. =)

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Glad it worked!

Yeah, those build-time things take a lot of time. My mediocre, hard-coded shell scripts aren't the worst you'll face in this format, alas... Once you start building disc images, there's a fair amount of "the disc doesn't work in the player, and I don't know why." Often it's something like a version number in some XML file that gets compiled into some binary file, like the BDJO.

One of our goals in the project was to provide a few working examples, so at least you have a starting point, but it's still a platform that requires a lot of patience. Best of luck!