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a new learner

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Joined: 2010-05-31

hi everyone,
I am new here
and I am new in JAVA too
im so glad to join you here
and i hope to learn from you
but as a new in JAVA what are the topics that i have to concentrate on them first and what are the tutorials that you recommend me to learn from
and what are the books that ganna benefit me
thanks in advance,
best regards,

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Joined: 2011-09-20


Yes, im new here too, it can be a daunting process to learn

fast. Take your time, be patient, keep it simple at first.

Joined: 2010-03-16

I will suggest that you try the Java tutorial first. Start from the initial "Getting started" page and keep learning as you move from there. Try to practice the examples given. Slow and steady you can learn Java. All the best.
If you don't get the HelloWorldApp example, you can start learning Java from here.

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