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JDK 7 build with Closures

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Which JDK 7 version gonna include Closures support ? I'm curious to test this exciting new feature but now i can not see any build supporting it.


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For now, you have to build it yourself. It's not so hard. I did that for the 1st time (on Linux - Fedora 12) and it took me just a couple of hours. Start by doing a check-out (clone) of the Mercurial forest that contains the lambda prototype:

hg fclone

Read the README and off you go...

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Thanks for the info about building. Could we also get any information on the original question? Is there any kind of idea when there might be a JDK 7 pre-release that includes the closure support?

Or, if it's already there by now, let me know. I just didn't see it in the docs when I went to get the pre-release.