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3.1 Security One Pager

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Joined: 2003-12-10

3.1 Security One Pager is now available for review here:

The focus of this release will be providing v2 feature partity for clustering deployment. Also there are some new features being planned.

The complete list of one-pagers for 3.1 is available here:

Please let us know your comments by May 30th. Thanks!

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Joined: 2005-10-31

Please consider these comments:

1. 4.1.1 - the URL in this paragraph points to the edit page.

2. and - Is there any CLI change needed here to provide the same capability via the CLI?

3. GENERAL: When invoking a command on an instance from the DAS, we need to ensure that the DAS has proper authentication/authorization to be able to execute the command. We were hoping that this security project would help with that, but I don't see it covered anywhere. One issue that we have for this is 12045:

Any thoughts on this?