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When is NormalContentEvent sent to an application

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In the current RI implementation (1.1.4RelA). I would like to know when NormalContent Event is being sent to the application and what event in MPEOS would indicate that NormalContent event can be posted.


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The MPE event is called MPE_CONTENT_PRESENTING. It should be sent to the event queue that was passed when the A/V content presentation was requested. There are several APIs that can present AV content:

mpeos_mediaDecode() -- Broadcast decode
mpeos_dvrTsbPlayStart() -- TSB playback
mpeos_dvrRecordingPlayStart() -- Permanent recording playback

There are probably also a couple of more for HomeNetworking that have to do with playback of remote content.

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A NormalContentEvent is posted in response to reception of a CONTENT_PRESENTING notification on the Session's EDListener (via the asyncEvent call) if authorization was required and full authorization was provided by the MediaAccessHandler, or if no authorization was required.

Authorization is required for all broadcast services (including time-shifted broadcast services).

Recorded services and remote services do not require authorization.

After reception of the CONTENT_PRESENTING event, and if authorization is required, a JMF Controller event is posted - NormalMediaPresentationEvent if full authorization is provided, otherwise AlternativeMediaPresentationEvent.