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gstmpegdecoder errors prevent video from streaming

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Joined: 2007-04-04

We're integrating current RI top of tree with the TVWorks XDK.
Video is streaming into the pipeline, but we get no video out the other side.
Instead I'm seeing many errors like those below. What might cause these? Is this simply a memory allocation issue? Is there some configuration I might be missing? How might I go about debugging this?

[INFO] gstmpegdecoder.c gst_mpeg_decoder_event:409 Received NEWSEGMENT event.
[ERROR] gstmpegdecoder.c get_mpeg_decoder_get_buffer:688 Buffer allocation from peer's pad failed with (not-negotiated)!?

Thanks for any help.

Scott Kellicker

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Joined: 2008-03-05

Can you describe a little bit more how this issue can be reproduced? Is it specific to a stream you are using? Can it be reproduced via tune test, for example?

As far as those 2 GStreamer logs that you provided, it probably means that FFMPEG is trying to obtain a picture buffer with parameters that the display is not able to provide. One such example would be requesting a YUV444 surface whereas GstDisplay can only supply YUV420 picture buffers...

If you can provide more logs, or ideally, a complete log file, I can probably tell you a little bit more of what is happening there.


Joined: 2007-04-04

When I moved to a new er version of the RI trunk, the problem went away.
And I can no longer repro it.