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Some general probs

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I'm having some probs regarding the OCAP Applications

# 1) I downloaded some applications from the path:

The Application is using some Class files which are in OCAP RI installation folder
C:\ocap\ocap-ri\ocap\bin\CableLabs\simulator\Win32\debug\env\qa\xlet\org\cablelabs[my path]
Some of the class files are ArgParser ,Logger etc.I'm not getting the functionality of those class files.Can anyone give me the java doc for those class files.

# 2)I'm using OCAP profile 1.1.1.According to my knowledge user can generate events as input.Is there any possibility for the user to give Character input or we can add a textField like Components to the screen.If there is possiblity just guide me how to do that..

Sree Harsha.P

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Unfortunately there is no javadoc available for the utility classes referenced by the applications you found under $OCAPROOT/apps/qa/org/cablelabs/xlet/.
However, you can find the source code for all these utility classes under either

I am not sure I understand your second question. If you are trying to figure out how to pass inputs to the xlets, you can do this by using the ArgParser utility class which gets the xlet properties (defined in XletContext via the
However, I am not aware of anyway to have user enter text inputs to interact with the application while the xlet is running.
As far as I know, all of our xlets that requires user interaction listens for KeyEvents (implments KeyListener interface). Even TunTest where it lets user directly tune to a particular channel by entering the channel's source ID, the xlet does this by taking each sourceID character as a keyEvent and compile them together once the user clicks on the "ENTER" key indicating they've completed entering the sourceID.

Hope this helps.