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Question about direct messager

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Joined: 2009-07-10

I've developed a chat using jxta 2.5 and I used the code from direct messager tutorial as base for my program.

When I ran the program at my house (one laptop connected by the wireless network to a router and a desktop connected by cabe to the router), it was perfect.
But when I ran it in my college (a lot of desktops in LAN with all access granted), it doesn't work.

The peers are configurated as ADHOC and I just run it on LAN.
All the peers connect in the the NetPeerGroup.

The program do the following:
1 - announce myself on the network
2 - when get an announce, send a response with my route advertisement

When I run the program at the college, it gives me the following output:

Announcement from urn:jxta:uuid-5983648...... //an announcement was received
Sending response to tcp://
11/05/2010 14:48:38 net.jxta.impl.endpoint.EndpointServiceImpl processIncomingMessage
WARNING: No listener for 'tcp://' in group urn:jxta:jxta-WorldGroup "World PeerGroup"[1]
decodedServiceName : EndpointService:jxta-NetGroup/chatService
decodedServiceParam :uuid-5983648...

What could be happend?

Thanks since now.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

What worries me is that there is no listener in the WorldPeerGroup. Typically, I would expect a listener in the NetPetGroup or some other group. How are your groups created?