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J2ME web services(JSR 172): how to specify default character encoding?

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Joined: 2010-01-16

Hi guys,

how can I specify the default (or custom) character encoding when using the WSA (JSR 172) ?

I have a problem with non-english characters. When I invoke a generated Stub it doesn't negotiate the character encoding when obtaining the handshake with a Web-Service. The Web-Service then sends a default charset="iso-8859-1" encoding. Then when the WS-Client sends some request it is encoded in utf-8. The WS-Service returns a response encoded in iso-8859-1.... All the special characters get screwed up! (and I even get exceptions sometimes...) :(

P.S. I've figured all that by using wireshark to debug the sent SOAP Messages on the fly.


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Joined: 2010-01-16

I have resolved the problem by myself since no one jumped in and did my programming for me :P

Joined: 2010-05-19

I'm facing exactly the same problem.
Have you found a solution?

I'm working with the JSR 172 on a java blackberry project.


Joined: 2010-01-16

Hi there,

well yes and no :)

I was unable to fix the problem since the underlying communication is hardcoded (aka Operation class that is invoked from within the generated Stubs)...

Very BAD design what can I say...

But I've solved the problem for my project. I just reinvented the wheel and have written my own SOAP library. It is 33 KB and that includes all the logic - stubs + connection logic+ XML parsing+XML Composing. In comparison to the 600KB for the generated stubs from the Sun WTK's wsimport utility my library is a lighty bastard so to say :)

So my advice to you:

Option 1)
use some SOAP client/server testing tool (or wireshark if you wish) and see what SOAP XML messages the Java ME WSA actually sends & receives - then write your own library - it isn't as hard as it sounds - trust me.

Option 2) Use some third-party library like kSOAP2 (has also Android version)

Good luck with your project!


Joined: 2010-01-16

bump ? :)