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bypass exception

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my program was catching an exception that threw me off for a bit but i finally figured it out. my program was trying to convert the contents of a binary file to a string and perform regular expressions on it. is there a way to detect if a file is binary, or is there a way to not make my program throw or catch an exception here? just to tell u this is fine if my program tries to do this, but it cant stop, it hast to keep going.

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Maybe you should try the general desktop forum for non Swing questions

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reported abuse for constantly spamming this forum with unrelated questions


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I wouldn't expect that there is much the chance to test it - except you make it indiviudally. i.e. to read the first xxx bytes, check if it contains some CRLF (depending on the OS) and that's it. The Java char-reader just converts the bytes into chars. And if there is no CRLF then it continues to read.....