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Need help in refactoring a RPC-literal type project

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Joined: 2009-04-17

My company's webservice was done many years ago with WSDL in RPC-literal format. All SOAP messages are parsed manually with soap apis. At the current states, only AXIS1 can compile the WSDL to create stubs for sending messages. Axis2 will create all kind of namespace issues that the server side cannot parse correctly. Long story short, I'll need to re-factor to make the WSDL compilable by WSDL2java. I can refactor as much as I want but as little as it can be. I was also told to convert WSDL in document/literal. My question is

Is there any good tutorial on deserializing SOAP into beans instead of parsing the soap message myself? I really want the WSDL and the server side to be synchronized instead of adding something in WSDL requires me to make appropriate change to the server side beans.

Should I create server side beans and generate the wsdl?