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3D Pixel to Screen Coordinate

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Joined: 2010-05-07

I'm brand new to Java3D, but I do have an idea of the concepts of 3d transformation to screen coordinates. Here is my problem:

I have loaded a digital elevation model (or terrain in raster format, commonly referred to as a DEM) loaded in as a 2D Array and terrain cover loaded into a 2D array. I would like to transform the terrain cover into a 1024x768 array that would mimic how the scene would look on a monitor. I know the viewing angle, the viewpoint, etc. However, I do NOT need to show the image, it is only used for analysis.

Any ideas? I have tried looking through google docs, but I need a simple example, not just brief comments on what each function does within each class.

The goal is to have a computer algorithm assess what the terrain would look like from a perspective view using a type of pattern analysis. That is why I don't need to see the actual image.