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[webtier] Can someone find a recent article that praises JSF?

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Hello Community,

Can someone please help Arun here?

AG> From: Arun Gupta
AG> Organization: Oracle
AG> Just saw a link to
AG> in which Gavin King says ...
AG> "In particular, the specification is horribly written and not worth
AG> reading (so I won't link to it)"
AG> This is a slightly dated article (Nov 16, 2009) but could not find any
AG> later articles praising JSF.

Can someone please point Arun to some recent articles praising JSF?

It's very important to win Arun over to JSF because he is very influential in the
Java community. If a guy like him can't find any recent articles praising JSF,
then we are in trouble.


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Joined: 2010-01-23

This is kind of an interesting statement for Arun to make. Here's the whole quote, in context:

"JSF2 is included as part of the platform, and is integrated with CDI out of the box. Many people find JSF difficult to learn. We believe that for some kinds of applications, it pays off in the end. Unfortunately, most of the books and articles about JSF make it appear much more complex than it actually is. In particular, the specification is horribly written and not worth reading (so I won't link to it). Take a look at the Weld examples to get a taste of what JSF2 is really like."

It looks like more of an indictment of the specification than of JSF2 itself.

Joined: 2003-06-12

Besides, have you seen the article on creating JSF 2 composite components with Netbeans Arun published yesterday?

Doesn't show a very critical attitude towards JSF 2 at all, as far as I can see ..

Joined: 2003-06-12

As a matter of fact, in contrast to 2009, it's pretty hard to find something online that has been published lately (i.e., in 2010) evangelizing Java Server Faces 2.0 (or condemning it).
Bloggers in this area presently seem to be consumed with providing introductions or explaining how to do certain things with JSF 2, but like Arun I am missing articles that point out the actual strenghts of JSF on a general level.

There are a lot of articles out there explaining why JEE 6 is such a wonderful piece of cake, but none so for JSF 2.
I wonder why; actually, I don't think it's due to the fact that JSF 2 is considered bad (quite the contrary, according to my experience).

All the evangelists at Sun/Oracle, where are you?

Matthias (who knows too few of JSF 2 yet to jot down something credible in that regard)

By the way, Ed, how about you posting something on your blog like "ED Burns: What I like particularly about JSF 2.0"? That and the comments to it might come in very handy.
(just a thought)

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