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How to play sound like wav, midi, mmf etc with PhoneME?

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Joined: 2010-05-02

Hi all. I'm new in programming.
Furthurmore, PhoneME is absolutely first...;(

I'd like to play sound like wav, midi, mmf etc.
I searched anything kind of sound in my phoneME features project and I found "".
But It was only 'Interface' not a class...
And there are no implementation about 'interface Player'.

So I brought other classes like,, and so on from other 'MIDP' Project..
Of course, I couldn't apply it well.

And next...;;; I tried to apply Windows mobile 6 SDK to use functions like SndOpen, SndPlayAsync etc.
I found some example and tried to port them but it's a little difficult to me
because they are made by different language.

Is there any simple way to support sound player?
(It must be played on Windows Mobile.)
I need your help so~~~~~~~ much!! T^T