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Kenai is Moving ! On Friday (April 30th) @07:00 UTC

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And JXTA, in this changes ?

We're Moving!

Kenai is moving from our old home into new digs. As part of the transition, we need to move quite a bit of data, which presents us with some interesting challenges.

On Friday (April 30th) @07:00 UTC, will be placed into a VIRTUAL READ-ONLY transitional mode. What does this mean?

1. SCM systems will be down, and not accessible.
2. Bug-tracking systems will be down, and not accessible.
3. Instant Messaging (IM) will continue to function.
4. Mailing lists will continue to function, but no email will be archived during this time.
5. The main website will be up, but with the following caveats:
* Project creation will be disabled.
* Account creation will be disabled.
* Any modifications to data, made during this transitional period, will be lost when we finally cut over to the new site.

It's worth repeating : The websites will be up, but any changes made during the transitional period WILL NOT CARRY THROUGH AFTER CUTTING OVER TO THE NEW SITE.

We realize that this has the potential to cause some confusion, so for the duration of the transitional period, the website will sport a clear warning banner on every page.

Thank you for your participation in and loyalty with

Our very best,
The Team

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We are still waiting for them to migrate our issue tracker to Kenai to complete the move to Kenai.