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Bug reported but never published ---> Thread for Sun Engineer

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I have reported a bug (Incident Review ID: 1735743)) and this one after few days had been effectively accepted as a new regression. But almost one month later the bug number : 6942476 has not been published yet. What's going on? A fix for this bug is really important to me but also for almost of people whose use Java Web Start

Bug description:
The bug concerns Java Web Start application for which a shortcut is added to the desktop and/or in the program menu. As soon as a JRE upgrading is done all the shortcuts disappear...
It seems that this issue occurs mainly on Windows XP whatever the service pack version.
Same problem occurs for all upgrading done from 1.6.0_17 to, ...19 , ...20 and finally 21.
That means that the shortcut will continue to disappear at each upgrading until sun decides to fix it. It's really an annoying issue.

The only way to get back the shortcut is to use the Java Control panel and manually ask to recreate selecting the application and by clicking on a specific button..

What can I do to be sure that Sun will take care about this issue.
Have I to report a new bug about a bug which concerns the managing of the bugs reporting? ;-)


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I reported 3 bugs in JWS since May 28. Bugs 6960436, 6957030 and 6957029. The 3 had replies saying they were accepted but wouldn't be available in the public database for 2 days.

Since I can't work around one of them, I sometimes go back and check if they're available but none of them are more than a month later.

I don't know if this is usual though because I've never reported bugs to Sun before these 3.

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Same problem for me. I have reported a bug about JWS and I received the mail saying it is accepted and will be published to external bug database soon. But it was more than 1 week ago.