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Early Access to JxCapture 2 Introduces Video Capturing - Both Windows and Mac

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JxCapture, a cross-platform library providing a Java screen capture API, now is hitting for video capturing. With JxCapture 2 users will be able to capture activity on the specified screen area and save the result to a movie file. The new API makes it possible to specify the resulting movie format, size, bitrate, codec, and other movie parameters.

Early Access is meant to give users a taste for what’s cooking in the upcoming product version. For TeamDev it is also a way to stir up the user feedback before shaping the final product release. Users are provided with an online demo and are able to try the product out under an evaluation license (see The details for the new JxCapture functionality and the list of other changes are available in JxCapture 2 Early Access Release Notes on the Support and Community Blog:

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