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"No mime type could be found" is printed for the specified content type

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Requesting resource from the default implementation of ResourceHandler with the specified content type like this:

resourceHandler.createResource("extended_classes.ecss", "css", "text/css")

is printing the following to console:

23.04.2010 2:03:53 com.sun.faces.context.ExternalContextImpl getMimeType
WARNING: JSF1091: No mime type could be found for file extended_classes.ecss. To resolve this, add a mime-type mapping to the applications web.xml.

I'm not sure this wasn't done intentionally, however it seems suspicious that implementation ignores the specified content type in some points.
Mojarra version 2.0.3 (SNAPSHOT 20100416).

Can you please clarify on this?

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Joined: 2006-04-27