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WCF and java web service

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Hello ,
I have got a big problem and I need your help please.
I have got a WCF and I want to use a java web service to consome the WCF.
I have ued jax-WS , NetBeans and Glassfish for my java web service.
Now, I want that my java WS is able to use directly the WCF.
In fact, the java WS must check some result from the WCF and continu its work.
I havn't got any idea about this problem....
What I know is :
I can make a java client for the WCF, ok for this! It is easy for me.
But I don't know if it is possible to use the java web service to get result from the WCF.
Thanks in advance

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It is possible to consume WCF from inside a Java Web Service. Just as in the Java Client, you simply call a WCF method (it's a Web Service too) and collect the results. Basically, your Java Web Service becomes a client for the WCF Service. I have some experience in WCF<->Java WS communication, so I can say it is possible ;-)