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toString() method help!! easy stuff

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Joined: 2010-04-21

i need to implement the toString() method to return the vales in x,y
You (4,3)

what i did is:

public ToString()
private String Youx;
private String Youy;

public void setYoux(String youx)
youx = 4;


public void setYouy(String youy)
youy = 3;


public String getYoux()
return youx;


public String getYouy()
return youy;


I tried this and it keeps on coming up with an error
by using the toString() how could i display the position of You (4,3)??

please help

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Joined: 2006-08-09


I assume that you have created a class....

In this case you can override the methode toString()

public String toString(){
return "("+Youx+","+Youy+")";