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Is the Mobicents SipServlet 1.3 G.A. on schedule?

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Perhaps this post should be in the dev-forum, if so feel free to move it (or delete it and I'll post it there myself).

I'm just wondering if the next stable release is coming on schedule. I have a project that requires some of the fixes in 1.3 by May, and so the planned release date of May 1st suits me perfect!

Previous release was only a few days delayed (from the final planned date) so I have high hopes for this release as well :)



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We will be trying hard to release on schedule.
However on this release we have a dependency as well on the Media Server since we are porting all media examples to JSR 309 so crossing fingers that there ain't too much delay.

Feel free to poke us for status update.
Also our roadmap is automated and updated daily so this gives a pretty accurate vision of what is left to do.


PS: please use the google groups in the future since there is too much spam on these forums so we moved away from them

Joined: 2006-01-27

Thanks for your quick reply!

I'm glad to hear that you are working hard :)

I'm marking this as answered and moving to the google groups (for poking).