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Cannot Deploy - There is no installed container capable of handling this ap

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I have an EAR project in Eclipse. I copy some jars into my EarContent/lib folder. These jars appear in Bundled Libraries/... after refreshing. It works well with most of the jars, but some cause error.
-copy jcalendar, or swingx to the EarContent/lib
( for example: )
-add other jars to EarContent/lib
(for example MigLayout )
-refresh projects and restart eclipse
-right click on server in servers view, and click "Add and Remove"
-add your project
-deployment does not finish i get exception:
cannot Deploy TestSwingx
Deployment Error for module: TestSwingx: There is no installed container capable of handling this application com.sun.enterprise.deploy.shared.FileArchive@c20151%%%EOL%%%

One thing I noticed: if you expand your project in "Add or Remove", there will appear JCalendar but not MigLayout.
If you use only JCalendar you cannot deploy.
If you use only MigLayout you can deploy.
You can always deploy from glassfish admin console.

my software:
GlassFish v3 (build 74.2)
default GF3.0 server adaptor
jre1.6.0u16 and u18

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Joined: 2006-11-28

Same problem here with Eclipse 3.5.2 and Glassfish 3.0.1.

Seems to be a nasty bug in Eclipse somehow.

Joined: 2006-11-28

This problem seems to be triggered by a "Main-Class:" entry in the MANIFEST file. Stoopid eclipse then tries to deploy the jar as an JEE appclient.

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Joined: 2010-04-16

The question is: Why does this exception occur? What should i do? Or is it a bug?