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Unable to play downloaded application

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Joined: 2010-04-06

Hi all,

I'm behind the fog :(

Like "bridgehead" project, I've to play an application downloaded from network. I'm able to download the application and store it into BUDA area, downloads all file i make call to "VFSManager" to update VFS with no error and after i try to start the new application through the code below:
ServiceContextFactory factory = ServiceContextFactory.getInstance();
TitleContext titleContext = (TitleContext)factory.getServiceContext( context );
Title title = (Title)SIManager.createInstance().getService( loc );
titleContext.start( title, true );

after the execution i get a black screen "with no error".

I have get some property from BDlocator:
Jar FileId: -1
Title Number: 1
Path Segments: null

and Title:
title name: Title 1
ServiceType: BDJ_MOVIE

P.S. I have made the hdcvfs image using client.jar and BDCertGenerator with -binding parameter. Is this the right way?

Really Thanks in advance

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Joined: 2010-04-06

Thanks for all.