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Make downloadable image application

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Joined: 2010-04-06

Hi all!!

I'm new in that forum, also in BD-J development!.

I'm developing a BD-J application that have to download an application from the net and execute it!
I have made the downloader, and it works with the image at "", now I have to create an image with my own application!! and that's my problem started from the ProgressivePlaylist example i have modified the ANT script to create my VFS folder with: 00000.jar, 00000.bdj, manifest.xml, manifest.sf files,
to create the manifests file i used the "bumfgenerator.jar" tool, now i have a VFS named directory with the files but how can i develop the hdcvfs image? I'm following the right way?

Thank's in advance

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Joined: 2010-04-06

Hi all,

I'd solved my problem i'd seen on the "BridgeheadDiscImage" folder and found the client.jar tool...

many thanks

Joined: 2011-09-14

Hi flightdown,

I also trying to do something similar along this line. But that is simple one but I didn't succeed yet.

I have a simple app to show helloworld-1 when run from the disc. Xlet in the disc download a JAR to show helloworld-2 together with manifest.xml and manifest.sf in VFS and run the newly added JAR using VFSUpdate feature. It is working with Cyberlink Power DVD in my PC but it is not working in real Blu-ray player.

Am I doing the correct thing? Or Do I need to create and image as you mentioned in your post? If so how can I create a image (image.hdcvfs) file using the client.jar?

I am new to Java. So your guidance would be fully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.