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Console output from runMidlet.exe / cvm.exe on Win32

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Joined: 2008-05-26

How can I see System.out.println and javacall_print output when I run applets from the command line using the win32 JME SDK or phoneME emulators or run applets that are installed in those emulators?

When I run applets from the JME SDK IDE or NetBeans 6.8, the output appears in panes within those tools. When I run them, as described above, even using instances of the emulator/VM that were started by the JME SDK IDE or NetBeans, I see no output.

For example, I use the following shell command to run a TCK:

bin/emulator -Xdevice:DefaultPhoneMEPhone1 -Xdomain:maximum -Xautotest:http://localhost:8088/test/getNextApp.jad

and no console output appears. Needless to say this makes debugging difficult as there is no other way to run the TCK.

I have determined that runMidlet.exe is listening for connections on a socket id passed to it on the command line by emulator.exe and sends the console output to any app. listening. It seems that JME SDK IDE & NetBeans must disconnect after any applet they run has finished, even though emulator & runMidlet are still running, as no output appears there. It also seems that emulator.exe must be redirecting stdout & stderr to /dev/null as nothing comes out there.

Is there some way to use the Java console to connect to runMidlet.exe or cvm.exe and display the messages? If so, how?

Is there another tool I can use to display the console output?

It is enormously frustrating that the source for emulator.exe is not available.